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Tradition with a modern touch

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Our Story

Our story started 17 years ago with one delightful pension and homemade cooking, within magical surroundings of forest and mountain.

Our grandparents, Branko and Sonja, both hunters, always used to forage plants and wildlife to make homemade produce, so the experience of eating and staying in our place is one of a kind.

As years went by we grew, and today we have a charming rustic complex with a little bit of a modern touch where you can enjoy cozy accommodation, untouched nature, and great local cuisine.

La Ursula Bistro is near Plitvice Lakes where you will find local food, authentic tastes, and a beautiful atmosphere.


We are looking forward to welcoming you!

The Menu

Wild game goulash

Wild boar and venison goulash served with bread dumplings and a plum and onion jam.

Smoked trout

A whole smoked Croatian trout from the local river. Marinated for 3 days and then hot smoked, paired with a horse radish potato salad with potatoes from the Lika region and fresh veggies.


Braised bear meat stuffed ravioli with cheese emulsion and bear prosciutto.

Wild game goulash - traditional croatian dish

Opening hours

Mon - Sun: 15.00 - 22.00


Vrelo 3, 53230 Vrelo Koreničko



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